Complimentary Stationery

All the Stationery you need when you need it … Guaranteed!

There’s nothing more niggling than having to make do without that vital bit of stationery!

Of course you’ll want a flip chart with at least two full pads of paper, a white board, and a selection of black, red, green and blue marker pens, all stored “nose down” to make sure the tips don’t dry out … and tested before you arrive!

And  who knows what else you might need on the day?

Batteries, blue tac, brown tape, calculator, correctional fluid, document binders, drawing pins, highlighters, hole punch, pens, pencils, paper clips, post-it-notes, rubber bands, ruler, sellotape, stapler, staple remover, treasury tags?

It’s all available. And if that still doesn’t cover your needs, we’ll just run out and pick something up.

So really you can just carry on with your event!