Your Room

Wouldn’t it be nice if your room was automatically set up with all the necessary equipment and tools to create the right environment for your event to be a success?

Natural Daylight

Windows in every room! Oh and with blinds for those 10.5 days when we get sunshine. So you have all the attention-aiding benefit of the natural light, without any possible distraction from direct sunlight.

High Ceiling Height

It does give you that extra feeling of space.

Air Conditioning

Even though we may only get 10.5 hot days per year, it doesn’t change how unbearable those days can be if you’re stuck in a room without air conditioning. So every room has it. And to ensure you can set the temperature you want, every room has its own individual controls so you can set the temperature to suit yourself.

No Obstructive Pillars

So wherever you are in the room, you can see everything and everybody.

Top Notch Projectors

We purchase new projectors every year to ensure that the projector in your room shows your presentation at its very best And don’t forget there’s always someone around if you need some technical support.

Overscreen Lighting Controls

If you’re going to have the top notch projector, you may as well have the lighting to show it off.


Actually it’s chilled water from a dispenser so you can drink to your heart’s content and eliminate any fear of dehydration. If you prefer your water not to be just water, you could always add a little cordial to liven it up … there’s a selection in every room.


You could probably argue that sweets are not essential to a successful event, but they are rather popular and we’re always having to refill them … and indeed there is an argument that having a sweet helps your concentration!


Nothing more annoying than a telephone ringing in the middle of your presentation, so our rooms don’t have phones as standard. But if you’d like a phone in the room just ask, the cabling’s already there, all we have to do is plug it in.

Space for the Leader

Every actor needs a stage and event leaders are no different. So we make sure that ere is enough space at the front of the room for the leader to “strut their stuff” including a table to lay out materials. If you’d like another table (or two) just ask.